LARA 2010 Annual Meeting Completed

Thank all of you who attended our annual meeting at Niko’s Saturday, September 11th to learn more about the lakes.  Discussion centered on various lake issues including the status of the spillway. 

As of September 20th the lake levels were about one foot below “NO WAKE” level of 794.5 feet above sea level.   Please comment if you think the lake district should try to maintain the lake level about six to eight inches higher than current levels.

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PLEASE COMMENT TO SUBSCRIBE or  if you think the lake district should try to maintain the lake level about six to eight inches higher (at 794.0 to 794.3)  than Sept 20th  levels which we estimate at about 793.5 feet above sea level.

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2 Responses to LARA 2010 Annual Meeting Completed

  1. John Scweihs says:

    I would like to see the lake levels maintained at least 8 inches higher. I am located
    near the Pier West resturant, and with the lower lake levels a have a problem getting
    both my pontoon boat and my ski boat off the lifts. My pier is out about 120 feet, which in the spring gives me the 36 inch depth allowed.

  2. billhass says:

    Hi John– Thanks for your comments to the blog post…. You seem familiar with blogging.
    Lets talk sometime.

    So if the lake level was about 793.5 or 793.6 feet last week, eight inches would put your suggested target level up about 0.66 feet or a level of
    794.16 to 794.26 feet. This is currently above the level suggested by the current dam policy and 0.26 feet or about 4 inches below the no wake level of 794.5 feet.

    In a heavy rain event of 5 to 6 inches in a day ..they lake could be closed to wakes. This is the tradeoff that must be considered as well as flooding levels. How long the lake level would be above 794.5 feet would be determined by a number of weather related factors and how the dam is managed. An added spillway at a level at 794.2 feet could help reduce the time above 794.5 feet yet prevent human intervention of the dam…. which needs to remain a drain at 793.5 feet.

    In place of a new spillway, the 10 inch ( 0.83 foot) would be pulled but humans ( and politics) sometimes forget to pull the dam board or replace it causing more variability in the lake levels and downstream flow than would be achieved by a spillway used in conjunction with the current dam board locked in place.

    The Hey Engineers think it would be difficult to get a spillway constructed due to likely opposition from the hunt club owners who have had to remove an “illegal dam” that was restricting the flow of our dam and helped cause the high lake levels and lake closings of 2 years ago. The lake district steering council has been asked to make a recommendation on repairs to the dam and will revisit target lake levels.

    Does this make sense? I am trying to get the issue in easier to understand terms. I have a visual which also helps.

    Note the typical confusion in lake level measurements are a result of thinking in inches and the target levels managed in feet.
    Would that be about right?

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